Bob Blank On The Making Of Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat”

Still moving butts on contemporary dancefloors (and the source of the bassline to Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B Is President”), Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat” is one of the most enduring classics of the disco era.  The track was written by Leroy Burgess (of Inner Life, Universal Robot Band, Logg, Phreek, etc.) a man whose own contributions to the time period are legendary themselves, and is an instantly recognizable slice of modern soul perfection.  For part two in a series of interviews, producer Bob Blank discusses the making of the track, its unique arrangement, and just what it means to be getting “over like a fat rat.”  The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC, the first ever compilation of Blank’s work will be out February 2nd on Strut.