Ebo Taylor 2CD Retrospective Due In April

Not long ago, in a wrap up of his favorite reissues for NPR, Now Again’s Egon Alapatt expressed regret that a long awaited retrospective of Ghanaian music legend and possible candidate for coolest man alive, Ebo Taylor, didn’t see a 2010 release. He’s right that a comprehensive collection is long overdue, but we think you’ll agree that “Life Stories” is worth the wait.

We dug deep to assemble not only solo material, but also side projects like The Apagya Show Band and short-lived Taylor-led combos Assase Ase, Super Sounds Namba and The Pelikans. We’re also including a real gem in the form of CK Mann’s “Etui,” which Taylor wrote and produced. Liner notes come courtesy of the ever knowledgeable Miles Cleret, whose Ghana Soundz compilation deserves much credit for introducing Ebo Taylor’s music to an international audience. And of course you can expect rare photos and original album art.

“Life Stories” will be out April 12th 2011, with tour dates backed by Afrobeat Academy scheduled in select (and lucky!) of the globe. We’ll have some music and video footage for you soon!