Hear Colm III’s “Take Me High” from This Ain’t Chicago

One of the joys of working with a connoisseur like Richard on putting together a collection like This Ain’t Chicago is being hipped to some great tracks that might have flown beneath the radar. Colm III’s “Take Me High” (Mansion Mix) didn’t make the biggest splash for the West Midlands production duo, but it’s a hell of a track, and we’re happy to share it with you. We’ll let one half of the group, Mike Evans of Ruby Red Records, contextualize it for you:

(from the album notes)
“Ruby Red was one of the best known shops in the West Midlands for many years – we did well with dance music and catered for whatever anyone wanted, really. We sold a lot of bootleg Northern soul records. Colm III was myself and a DJ called Malcolm Heath who also worked in the shop and ‘Take Me High’ was one of the first records we released. It was really only picked up by Midlands and Northern DJs at the time. The follow-up single which had a track called ‘Acid Cracker’ was picked up by a couple of shops in London.

“It was the early stages of that type of music. After that, we did score a chart hit with ‘Addicted To Love’ by Powerzone and I started Cleveland City Records (Ruby Red was in a road called Cleveland Street in Wolverhampton). We had some big records there – Tony Di Bart ‘The Real Thing’ was a national Number One and we scored dancefloor hits by Chubby Chunks, Direct 2 Disc and a few others.”

Colm III – Take Me High (Mansion Mix) by Strut