New Anthology For Calypso Legend Mighty Sparrow Due In January

Truly a towering figure of calypso and Caribbean culture in general, Trinidad’s Mighty Sparrow is well in need of an in-depth anthology. In January, we’ll be releasing a two-disc collection spanning one of his most creative periods, the early 60’s through the mid-70’s. Sparrowmania! presents a picture of an incredible and prolific entertainer, offering on-point social commentary (“Kennedy And Krushchev,” “Ah Diggin’ Horrors,” “The Slave”), bawdy songs full of double entendre and vice (“Big Bamboo,” “Congo Man,” “What’s The Point Of Getting Sober”) and genre-expanding hybrids (“Try A Little Tenderness,” “Calypso Boogaloo”). Liner notes courtesy of David Katz provide context and history, and the music speaks for itself.

Track List:
CD 1
1. Bongo
2. Zinah
3. Fool Fool Fool
3. Calypso Boogaloo
4. Congo Man
5. The Slave
6. Kennedy And Krushchev
7. Ten To One Is Murder
8. She’s Been Gone Too Long
9. Mi Son Cha (Sparrow & His Troubadours)
10. Sweet Loving
11. Shango Man
12. Oriental Touch
13. Ah Diggin’ Horrors
14. Try A Little Tenderness (with Byron Lee)
CD 2
1 Bois Bande
2. Sparrow Dead
3. Renegades
4. Picong Duel (Sparrow and Melody)
5. Jook For Jook
6. Lion & Donkey (Re-Match)
7. Marajhin
8. Big Bamboo
9. Sparrow Come Back Home
10. Rose
11. No Money, No Love (Live At The Hilton, Barbados)
12. Letter From Miami
13. Dancehall Brawl
14. What’s The Use Of Getting Sober