Ninja Tune VJ Mox Creates 10-Minute Video Art Piece for Leo Zero’s Disconnect

We’ve been doing video trailers for some of our albums and compilations for a while now, but when we approached Mox (of Coldcut & Cinematic Orchestra fame) about assembling a video collage for Leo Zero’s “Disconnect” mix, he delivered something unlike we’ve ever seen before. Invigorating the material with all sorts of explosive footage, the video mixes in news images from the UK during the late ’70s and ’80s, from a rubbish collection strike in 1979, the mayhem of a Celtic vs Rangers on-pitch invasion in 1980 and the Brixton riots of 1981 to a bizarre ’70s attempt to smuggle vinyl-shaped pot cakes in record sleeves from Jamaica. Images of Leo’s work throughout his career pepper the visuals including his celebrated days as a resident at Soulsonic in London to his work as a member of A Mountain of One. All of this is set to a custom mini-mix of some of the album’s tracks from Leo himself. It’s an awesome companion piece to the mix, which is out this week. Enjoy!