Arthur Russell As Remembered By Bob Blank

As a creative force in disco, Arthur Russell is unmatched. In the third edition of our interview series, producer Bob Blank discusses working with the man behind the classics “Go Bang,” “Is It All Over My Face,” and many more. Our anthology of Blank’s work, The Blank Generation is out this week, and as you can see below, it’s streaming in full all week over at

Bob Blank On The Making Of Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat”

Still moving butts on contemporary dancefloors (and the source of the bassline to Eric B. & Rakim’s “Eric B Is President”), Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat” is one of the most enduring classics of the disco era.  The track was written by Leroy Burgess (of Inner Life, Universal Robot Band, Logg, Phreek, etc.) a man whose own contributions to the time period are legendary themselves, and is an instantly recognizable slice of modern soul perfection.  For part two in a series of interviews, producer Bob Blank discusses the making of the track, its unique arrangement, and just what it means to be getting “over like a fat rat.”  The Blank Generation: Blank Tapes NYC, the first ever compilation of Blank’s work will be out February 2nd on Strut.