(Do The) Spanish Hustle (Danny Krivit Edit) – Free MP3 Download

Spinner has Danny Krivit’s edit of Fatback Band’s “Do The Spanish Hustle” up as MP3 of the Day. Download: ‘(Do The) Spanish Hustle (Danny Krivit Edit)’ “Disco had really just kicked, and this [tune] was right on time. It was an early 12-inch, it was promo-only. It was difficult to get and you had to be on a certain list to get it. If you had two copies, you started from the break and then went back, like the edit I did. It’s funny how quickly a lot of real classic songs disappeared at that time because there was always something following it up, but this was one that didn’t go away very quickly.”
— Danny Krivit

Danny Krivit On The Subtle Art Of The Edit

Danny Krivit is pretty much an un-ending well of knowledge, so any time we’re able to pick his brain for a little bit it’s a happy occasion! Leading up to his second collection of soulful re-works aimed at the dance floor, the master editor and record collector gave us a run-down of his history in the cutting room, some of his favorite edits, and his general philosophy of how an edit works best. Edits By Mr. K Vol. 2 will be out in September on Strut. If you’re in NYC, come party with us Sunday the 12th for 718 Sessions at Santos Party House to celebrate the album’s release!

Walter Gibbons Remembered By Danny Krivit & Tony Smith

The love we’ve received on our Walter Gibbons retrospective has been pretty amazing, from a full piece in the Wall Street Journal, to a “Best New Reissue” on Pitchfork, to all the feedback we’ve been receiving on Twitter, Facebook, etc.  In the same spirit of celebration of Gibbons’ life, Danny Krivit & Tony Smith, both also DJ legends in their own right, took some time out to share some of their favorite memories of Walter with us.  Very interesting stuff, including gems like the fact that it took some of the subjects of Gibbons’ remix work some time to warm up to his style.  Check it out, and look for Jungle Music out next week, and you can look forward to a new Edits record from Danny Krivit in the very near future!

Danny Krivit Reunites With Strut For Edits By Mr. K Volume 2

It is with great excitement that we announce that we’ll be continuing our relationship with one of NYC’s godfather DJs, Danny Krivit. A Mr. K edit is a special thing, a piece of art. I still hear tracks from the first Mr. K Edits edition popping up in DJ sets in the city on a practically monthly basis. The man just has the magic touch. And with tracks from The Jackson 5, Patrice Rushen, Fatback Band, Chairmen of the Board & others getting the treatment, you know these are going to have some staying power. Look for Edits By Mr. K Vol. 2 everywhere on September 14th, and if you’re in NYC, come party with us at the legendary 718 Sessions at Santo’s Party House on September 12th 2010.