Lloyd Miller Plots His Musical Evolution

In the last video we posted, Lloyd Miller explained some of the instruments he used for his collaboration with The Heliocentrics. In this one, he sheds some light on his complicated musical lineage, including residencies in various jazz clubs from LA to Frankfurt to Stockholm, a stint in an extremely popular French “weird jazz” ensemble, a television show in Tehran, and even a near performance at Woodstock. We’re happy he ended up where he did! His full length collaboration with The Heliocentrics comes out next week.

Dr. Lloyd Miller Shows You The Instruments Used On His Heliocentrics Collaboration

Lloyd Miller is a pretty fascinating guy, and it’s a pleasure to get to see him enumerate and explain some of the instruments he used for his collaborative album with The Heliocentrics. It’s hard to imagine finding the time to learn all of these different instruments, but they definitely make for a uniquely textured album. We also shot an interview w/ Lloyd going into his rich history, including a near performance at Woodstock! Look for that here in the next couple of weeks. “Lloyd Miller and the Heliocentrics” will be out at the beginning of August.

The Heliocentrics Set A Date With The Doctor

This whole business of setting up collaborative projects with two artists whose work you respect is pretty exciting. We were so blown away by the results of The Heliocentrics’ work with Mulatu Astatke that when the chance came up for them to make a record with Lloyd Miller, we couldn’t let it get by. For those not knowing, Dr. Lloyd Miller is a legendary musician & ethno-musicologist with a deep love and respect for jazz and middle eastern music. His music has been compiled recently by discerning folks such as Jazzman & Now Again, and in fact a recent exchange between Lloyd and Now Again’s Egon recently made the rounds on the internet, thanks to Miller’s frank condemnation of popular culture. He may be outspoken, but his words come from a place respect for the music he takes so seriously.  We’re extremley pleased to be able to set up a project with musicians who compliment each other so nicely.  Lloyd Miller & The Heliocentrics will be out July 20th.