Brenmar’s Chicago Mix Features Dance Mania Classics

brenmar-history-of-chicago-mix-11.12.2013Brenmar is one of the members of today’s vanguard of electronic music who makes sure to represent Chicago to the fullest. Though he’s currently based in Brooklyn, his Chicago roots show clearly in his productions, mixes and collaborations. He’s worked with DJ Rashad, remixed a DJ Deeon classic, and his mixes and live sets are heavy on Chicago sounds, from house to footwork to the drill rap scene.

On his latest mix for FACT, Brenmar traces the evolution of Chicago electronic music, and of course there’s a healthy portion of classics from the Dance Mania camp. The whole mix is a fantastic listen. Turn it up, and jack your big booty.

Our Dance Mania retrospective Hardcore Traxx will be available February 11th 2014.

Metal Dance 2 Video Mix

One of the distinguishing qualities of Trevor Jackson’s Metal Dance series is its visual aesthetic. Jackson’s work as a graphic designer plays as much part as his role as compiler, and a stark black and white visual identity has become a trademark of the series

In this new video mix edited by Tom Parsons, bleak and striking images float over a selection of tracks that will be featured on Metal Dance 2, which is out now!