Download A Track From Haiti Direct

SuperJazz_3Super Jazz des Jeunes are an institution of Haitian music. Headed by saxophonist and arranger Réné St. Aude, they developed what they termed ‘Voudou Jazz’, blending traditional folk songs and rhythms with big band arrangements – something also promoted by the more uptown orchestra of Issa el Saieh. First coming together in the early 1940s, the Jazz des Jeunes were 20-year veterans when “Coté Moune Yo” was recorded and represent a side of Haitian music that pre-dates – and at the time opposed – the compas explosion.

Sung by Gerard Dupervil, “Coté Moune Yo” is a big band setting of a traditional Haitian folk song, adding the traditional vaksin to the line-up.

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