Metal Dance 2 Video Mix

One of the distinguishing qualities of Trevor Jackson’s Metal Dance series is its visual aesthetic. Jackson’s work as a graphic designer plays as much part as his role as compiler, and a stark black and white visual identity has become a trademark of the series

In this new video mix edited by Tom Parsons, bleak and striking images float over a selection of tracks that will be featured on Metal Dance 2, which is out now!

Trevor Jackson Speaks On His Entry to London Nightlife, And METAL DANCE

With his two-disc collection of alternative dance music (which he claims could be called “Trevor’s Teenage Years”) coming soon, the man behind Output Recordings, Playgroup, and too many excellent record sleeve designs to count sits down to tell us a little bit more about the aforementioned teenaged years. His discussion of exposure to London club life as a fourteen-year-old make us nostalgic for one of the golden eras of nightlife. The music on Metal Dance just makes the the feeling hit that much harder…